Description of the logging module under development.

User Permissions:

  • LogUser -
    • Can log into the site, but this permission does not grant access to pages reserved for paying members of the club.  
    • A site user can have both 'LogUser' and 'Member' that will grant access to both logging and member pages.
    • User can list/add/edit/delete their own logging entries
  • LogManager -
    • Allows access to list all logs for events and edit/delete logs
    • Allows download of logs
    • ?? Allows upload to ClubLog & LOTW ??
  • LogAdmin -
    • Allows access to create/edit/delete events
    • ?? Allows upload to ClubLog & LOTW ??


  • Log list - 
    • Lists all log entries for an event that the current user has access to.  'LogUser's can only see their own entries whereas 'LogManager' and 'LogAdmin' can see all entries from all users.
  • Add/Edit Log - Use user profile for default gridsquare
  • List Events
  • Add/Edit Event
  • Upload AIDF file

DataBase:  A database table will be created/managed/deleted for each event


  • Event
  • Add/Edit

Open questions:

  • Can we upload to LOTW
  • How to manage/track uploads