WW0WWV celebrates the 103rd Anniversary of WWV


The WWV ARC will be on the air with amateur stations across the country to help celebrate and recognize the WWV 103rd Anniversary from 0000 Zulu October 1st through 2359 Zulu October 2nd.

The stations that volunteer to operate as WW0WWV are either past operators from our 2019,  2020, and 2021 SES, associated with HamSci, NIST employees, and/or WWV ARC members.  Folks will be at their homes, club stations, out camping -  about anywhere a ham operates!  They are spread across the country just as the WWV signals spreads from Fort Collins, promoting the important need for standards like WWV and the human fascination with the unique dimension of Time. 

Because of complications with LoTW and ClubLog/OQRS that we aren't prepared to tackle at this time, we will log all contacts as grid DN70.  Don't plan to use the station as a grid locator.

Stations could be anywhere on the bands, but we are suggesting on the 48s:  for example 7.048 and 7.248 or 21.048 and 21.348 unless there is QRM.

The Live schedule posted below During the event, check the schedule often, as it is dynamic and will change during the course of the event.  You can verify a station you hear by checking this schedule.


LOGS MAY NOT BE UPLOADED to LoTW and ClubLog until all logs are received from our operators, so your QSO may not show for up to a week.  Some of our operators are camping and remote and won't be able to get us their logs right away.

QSL cards will  be available the THIRD WEEK in October. 

QSL card REQUESTS should be sent to the PO Box listed for WW0WWV: WWV ARC, PO Box 273226, Fort Collins, CO 80527

A donation is requested to offset QSL production and handling costs.

You can also request a QSL card via OQRS, logs to post by October 8.