The next WWV ARC general meeting will be Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 6pm MST via Zoom.

Our featured guest is Dr. Jeffrey Sherman, NIST Boulder, with his talk "Atomic clocks and time keeping at NIST" - a pretty broad topic!  He'll talk about the physical basis for atomic timekeeping, and the fundamental role time has in most of precision metrology. He'll describe how the international time scale UTC is realized, and how laboratories like NIST contribute. He'll give a broad overview of activities at the NIST Time and Frequency Division, highlighting some important current themes: increased availability of high precision time signals from NIST, and a worldwide campaign to redefine the unit of the SI second in terms of an optical atomic transition.

Jeff Sherman received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington and came to NIST in 2009 to work on optical atomic frequency references and laser stabilization. His tenure at NIST has included work on NIST's Internet Time Service, and the ensemble time scale of atomic clocks comprising the official source of time and frequency signals, UTC(NIST).

This should be a good one!  Don't miss this meeting!

Log into the website and visit the Our Club / Meeting Info drop down menu for the Zoom info.

See you Thursday, March 23, 2023