Tune In: The WWV Frequency Celebration

Please join us in Fort Collins, Colorado, March 2 -4, 2023 for Tune In: The WWV Frequency Celebration, recognizing 100 years of standard frequency broadcasts from NIST Radio Station WWV. 

As written in the October 1924 QST Magazine article The Standard Frequency Set at WWV:

Probably no radio station has ever rendered the American radio world so great a service as WWV in transmitting the standard wave signals. Before these signals began both broadcast and amateur waves were uncertain and often wavemeters disagreed violently. Since the signals began those in the East have been able to make precision calibration on their own wavemeters and pass the information on to the west.

WWV ARC, along with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), HamSCI (hamsci.org), and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery (fcmod.org) will host the event that starts with an evening of WWV history and science at the museum March 2, March 3 tours of WWV/B and NIST Boulder labs, and a public exhibit of Amateur Radio on Saturday, March 4 all day at the museum.  That Saturday we're planning on-air operating with voice (SSB), code (CW), and digital (FT8) modes as well as satellite demonstrations and hopefully a few meteor scatter demos.  We hope to schedule QSOs with other science museums, so let us know you exist!

WWV ARC plans a series of FMPs, or frequency measurement practices, during March. We'd like to host on-line Zoom discussions and live broadcasts with questions and answers during the key downs.  We haven't decided if this would run every night for just one week, spread out through the month of March, or exactly what schedule.  We hope to have key downs during daylight hours now that bands are opening up as well.

Of course what would an anniversary be without an operating event of some kind..  We're working on that, too!  The weekend of March 4-5 is the ARRL Int SSB DX Contest, so a bit of a conflict for a special event station, but we hope to be on air in some form on the actually date of March 6.  We're working on it, and we'll have pages posted in the event section of our webite (drop down menus).

For more information:  Tune In: The WWV Frequency Celebration