The WWV ARC was first established in January 2019 to support the 100th Anniversary of radio station WWV in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Several of the core organizers of the October 2019 event have kept the club going the past year and a half and have now reorganized as a not-for-profit organization in Colorado.

We look forward to exploring and supporting a variety of amateur radio topics, citizen science amateur radio initiatives, metrology themes and issues, historical ties between amateur radio and NIST as well as continued support for radio stations WWV, WWVB, and WWVH and the NIST Time and Frequency services.

In March 2021, WWV ARC formally adopted a new Constitution and By-laws, with a total of 8 members becoming the WWV ARC.  We recently were recognized as an ARRL affiliated club and we are now accepting new members (9/25/21) and will start regular meetings in October 2021.

In the meantime, this site will continue to grow, and we will post new areas and pages as we continue our re-organization and ready for our first meeting toward the end of October 2021.

We look forward to sharing everything WWV and hope you'll join the club!


Dave Swartz, WØDAS

WWV ARC President